Solar Endeavors, LLC is a premiere grid-tied solar photovoltaic engineering and installation company. We specialize in completing systems ranging from residential to utility scale. Solar Endeavors, LLC uses “state of the art” components, cutting edge designs and exceptional installation teams to service clients throughout New England.

We offer creative financing and packaging solutions allowing clients to take advantage of the numerous federal and state rebates and incentives where available. Solar Endeavors, LLC works with each client individually to develop a turn-key system from design, engineering, rebate and grant application, permitting, installation and utility interconnection.


Sun + an Electric Bill + Own a Home


  • ”System

    The first step, whether it is a small residential or a large scale utility project is design. This will determine the amount of power a particular project can supply and the greatest possible financial return. In this stage, we work closely with our client to review historical usage, determine structures, consider obstacles, design layouts and set final goals. Once completed, we have the scope of the project to be engineered.
  • ”System

    In this phase of the project, the engineers determine the actual mechanical and electrical requirements, code compliance, permitting regulations and capacity of the project. This is a critical step in planning a well-constructed solar array. The engineers complete documents and drawings that are required for permitting, rebates, grants, financing and insuring the project.
  • ”Permitting,

    This phase usually takes several weeks to months to complete depending upon the project and it’s complexity. A home rooftop can take just a couple of weeks, where a commercial application with a rebate, grant , special permitting and financing could take up to several months to complete. Solar Endeavors, LLC has all of the relationships to make this process seamless to the customer.

  • ”Construction

    Construction is usually the fastest part of the project. At this point all the plans, permitting and financing are in order and construction is usually completed in a day or two for a residential installation and a couple of weeks in a large commercial application.

  • ”Interconnection

    Once the system is installed arrangements are made with the utility company to connect the system to the grid. Here Solar Endeavors, LLC’s electrician meet with the utility company to make the final connection and to sign off on the paperwork.

  • ”Warranty

    The final stage is for a Solar Endeavors, LLC representative to meet with the customer to register all of the equipment warranties and to go over the system monitoring. A day of celebration and many thanks for “going green”