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Extensive Knowledge of Federal & State Incentives

Solar Endeavors, LLC is active in the Northern New England small business and commercial marketplace and has extensive knowledge about federal and state incentives, making installation today impossible to turn down.

ALL projects (except non-profits) qualify for a 30% federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

Massachusetts has a performance based incentive called Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program. New Hampshire offers a Commercial and Industrial rebate up to $50,000. All states qualify for MACRs accelerated depreciation. In addition, 50% of the federal tax (ITC) can be depreciated. 

  • renewable energy
  • sustainable energy
  • low maintenance
  • silent energy production (solar panels are noise-free)
  • saves you money on utility bills
  • increases your property‚Äôs value
  • decreases your carbon footprint (go green!)
  • you lock-in your energy costs for years to come
  • our panels come with a 25 year warranty

Please contact us for a free quote and explanation of the incentives that apply to your business today!


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