Residential Solar Installation

Advantages of Residential Solar

Competitive Pricing & High Quality Components


Solar Endeavors offers competitive pricing, the industry’s best components and a professional installation team to complete your project. We also work for you to secure the highest Renewable Energy Credits. A solar energy system is your best protection against high electric bills and constant rate increases.  Be the first in your neighborhood to take the step into clean, sustainable, renewable energy.

  • renewable energy
  • sustainable energy
  • low maintenance
  • silent energy production (solar panels are noise-free)
  • saves you money on utility bills
  • increases your home’s value
  • decreases your carbon footprint (go green!)
  • you lock-in your energy costs for years to come
  • our panels come with a 25 year warranty

Please contact us to see how easy and affordable "Going Green" can be for your home. With a copy of your home's electric bill and address, we will provide you with a FREE estimate. Call Today!



Our Service Area

                                                           New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine