Solar Carports

Affordable Carport Solutions

 Solar carports are becoming a more and more popular investment for people who are looking for a way to take advantage of existing outdoor parking spaces. Solar carports can provide shade to vehicles throughout the day, while allowing the sun’s rays that were previously absorbed by the asphalt or cars to be absorbed instead into solar panels. In this way, not only do carports protect vehicles from heat but add the advantage of unused space above the parking area to convert solar energy into power, which means more energy savings for you! 

With the generous federal and state incentives and more cost effective installations, carport are an excellent way to install solar in unique locations where roof space is inadequate. Carports offer a great way for restaurants, car dealers, hotels, business parks and strip malls etc. to “go solar”. Call today for a free quote to see how a carport can impact your bottom line. 


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